Second Podium in Grimma!

2.Bundesliga Grimma

Podium boys?
The race ended up with a spot on the podium after a hard race in hot conditions. The temperature was around 34-36° during the race, and you could feel the heat right from the start.

The superstars racing in Grimma were Hauke, Golo, Jonas, Max and Christian.

The swim was in the river in Grimma. Before the start we spotted some really strange animals in the river. Maybe that was the reason Max swam so fast. He was the first from Tri Team Hamburg out of the water. But he was followed by Hauke and Christian. Just after them were Golo and Jonas.

On the bike all from Tri Team Hamburg were in the main group, with only two small groups in front of them. But the main group was catching up and the possibility of a good results was in sight. The group in front was only 20-30 seconds in front of the main group. Then Max only had one job… Run them down!!!! Directly after you mounted your bike you could feel the heat. So it was just survival mode from the start of the run on. But it all went pretty well. Max won (first time ever), Christian was running fine and was placed 27., Hauke survived and was placed 39., Golo survives as well and was placed 40., Jonas was suffering with stomach problems on the bike and unfortunately had to quit his first ever 2. Bundesliga race.

The weekend over all was pretty good and the result show that as well. Now we are placed 5th In the 2nd Bundesliga. So now it’s all about the last race in Verl.